Don’t even read another sentence of this; it’s a complete and utter waste of your time. Why anyone would listen to another person’s opinion on the sonic attributes of a piece of junk wire, or any wire, or any component for that matter, is completely beyond me. For example, I spend half the day with one finger poking around trying to dislodge wax and other foul debris from my right ear. I spend the other half of the day doing the same in my left ear.

The most commonly used word in my vocabulary, other than ‘fuck’, is ‘what?’

Yes I’m partly deaf, mostly in the right lug ‘ole, but the left side gives me gip too.

So how could I possibly offer a useful opinion on how something sounds?

Well, the law of averages tells me that there’s another person somewhere on the planet with the same level of hearing disability as mine, the same musical tastes and tastes for sonic presentation, and has a massive $60.00 to invest in a set of speaker wires. Hi bud, nice to meet you, I said HI BUD, NICE TO MEET YOU.

Sonorans, Alpha-Core Goertz, Audio Insurgents, Purist, Chord, Ixos, AudioQuest and Virtual Dynamics cables have all featured in my system in the last couple years, but none have tickled my cochlea like the Magwires.

I stole the idea for using Magnet wire from Paul Speltz, and I give him full credit for the discovery and encourage everyone to flock to his website and buy his ‘anti-cables’ for about $60/set plus shipping ( “Anti-Cables” – I like that, quite catchy, sounds better than magnet wire.

I was too impatient to wait for Paul to make me a set of his Anti-Cables, so I paid $60 for a 100’ spool and cut my own to length.

Paul provides you with a professional finish on his cables, your choice of bananas or spade terminations. My take is that there isn’t a termination in existence that improves the sound, they’re for convenience only, and so bare wire is best.

Using a small file I scraped the lacquer from the ends of each length of wire, a real pain in the arse since with a biwire setup you’ve got 16 ends to scrape and polish. Did I mention that these cables aesthetically are the most minimalist cables you will ever find? Even AC cord or lamp-flex looks more professional than Magwire. Yes, the cable looks pretty ugly but then again so do cables from Purist Audio, and they cost $1000’s more than Magwire.

It’s important for reasons of capacitance and inductance to get the cables separated by distance and off the floor. So using partly opened CD jewel cases I was able to get them about 3″ off the carpet and about 2″ apart, or so.

Some people suggest it would be better to twist the conductors +/- together, for some RF cancellation, but that isn’t what Paul recommends so that’s good enough for me.

Coming right off the back of a $2200 set of Virtual Dynamic Nite II biwires, I was pleasantly surprised at what I heard in the first few hours.

The VD Nite’s were a big improvement over everything I’d used previously in my system. The Nite’s have a certain amount of energy that never appears as a strident or forward sound, but always underpinned the music with a sense of life and emotion. Their weakest area was in the bass, a little softer and less defined than the Sonoran cables, which are the best I’ve heard in the bass department. The Magwire’s combined the virtues of both Sonoran and VD’s and produce a detailed and dynamic sound with liquid midrange and a taught and extended bass.

An online Guru of far greater intellect than I could ever muster, was able to describe the sound of the Magwire based on their electrical properties, without ever having heard them. Wow, I stand humbled, mesmerized and in awe of such ability. However, the aforementioned fuck-wit claimed that the sound would be ‘pleasantly’ rolled-off in the HF area, and generally dull/lifeless through the rest of the frequency spectrum. That couldn’t be further from what I hear in my system, then again I am deaf, as covered earlier.

There isn’t a lot of point in digging too deep into my audiophile phrase book for this review. If you can’t take a gamble with $60, then you might as well just forget it.

Seriously, I find these cables detailed, revealing, reasonably extended at both ends and liquid through the midrange. Sure, they don’t give the nth degree of air and sparkle, but they’re close enough to the best not to have to worry about something being missing. And they add nothing, which is more important IMHO. They stage as well as anything I’ve heard, perhaps image focus isn’t as tight as with the VD Nite, but it’s still pretty good. These are not the master of all trades, but they’re a pretty darn good all-rounder, and for $60.00 what have you got to loose, other than $60.00 ?


June 2005