I’ve had varied and interesting results with Purist Cables ( www.puristaudiodesign.com) Their Dominus Interconnects are by far the best cables I’ve had the pleasure of auditioning in my system, and I live quite happily with their lowly Colossus IC’s. But that doesn’t paint the whole picture with Purist Cables, since I’ve also tried their Venustas speaker cables and Venustas IC’s and didn’t much care for them.

Purist Audio Dominus:

These cables (Interconnects) like no other, simply allow the music to flow unimpeded. The sound is without sound, almost. They appear to be transparent beyond anything I’ve heard, yet perhaps offer a slight ‘relaxed’ presentation as the only sign of a sonic signature that my ears can detect.

The PAD Dominus are expensive however, Greg’s set were upwards of $10k new, for a 5m balanced IC.

Purist Venustas:

Again, I had less than spectacular results with Venustas single-ended IC’s. The Venustas seem to try to mimic what the Dominus does, yet takes it too an extreme. The ‘relaxed’ presentation of the Dominus became relaxed and recessed with the Venustas, almost too laid back.

Female vocals seemed to blend into the stage without having the clarity and presence of even the Colossus for that matter. Bass is tight and extended, but the midrange just doesn’t have the clarity and sparkle that I appreciate.

Pursist Colossus:

Though a vintage cable in the Purist Audio Design line, it performs quite well. The cable isn’t altogether the last word in transparency, but it has good balance top to bottom and excels perhaps on the top end with a clear, crisp and extended sound that bettered the performance of the Venustas in my system.

The Dominus cable is worth going broke over, but don’t assume that the lesser cables in the Purist line will give you just a little less than Dominus. It lives up to it’s name and reputation, and the others seem to fall some way behind.

Reviewed By SquidBoy