First Enuncement: The preliminary review of the Mapleshade SilClear will have to suffice. . .’cause I’ve just tried the Walker SST treatment and there’s no goin’ back!

Second Enuncement: Everything you’ve read about this product is true. It’s AMAZing! Not wanting to commit another one of “doc’s immaculate misconceptions,” I started out by cleaning and treating only my digital Poiema!! cable. Since it takes up to 8 hours to fully break in, I intend to take it one cable at a time, this way if there is such thing as too much of a good thing, I can back off and leave well enough alone.


Immediate improvements are an expansion of the harmonic content of the music. Now I can HEAR the complex overtones on Michael Hedges’ guitar, and their decay. This alone adds a richness to the music that tickles the eardrums. As a result, everything begins to sound more “you are there” alive.

And most importantly, unlike the SilClear (at least in my system, YMMV), the SST treatment appears to have absolutely no negative effects whatsoever.

I realize this posting may be a bit premature, having only treated a single cable, but if these improvements are additive, I can’t even image what the system will sound like next week! And this is only their Super version of the product. They have an Extreme version which sells for twice the price ($150) and is said to provide and additional 20-30% improvement over the SST.

I got mine through Music Direct in Chicago. They bundle it with an excellent Caig A/V Survival Kit ($40 value), which gives you everything you need to clean and treat your cables before you apply the SST. You get both for $100, plus shipping.

$100 might sound pricey for just half an ounce of SST, but trust me, you need such a small amount to treat each cable that this one jar will last me for YEARS!

Stay tuned to this channel for future “immaculate” enunciations, or is that an Assumption?