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Many people entering our Listening Room One or visiting our website comment positively on our main equipment rack. We think it looks pretty cool but more importantly it sounds great too – and it should.

This rack is really a work of art to the same extent that it provides a practical purpose. It’s absolutely gorgeous with its solid top plinth made from live-edge hardwood (Pecan in this instance, but there are many options).


Over 50 hours of labor goes into locating, prepping and finishing the top plinth itself to bring out the fabulous natural grain.

We fill the main void with a clear hard acrylic to keep the piece stable and prevent any movement of the wood. We can also use colored acrylic to match your gear if you wish. Once all of the natural cracks and voids are prepped and filled we apply several coats of lacquer to seal the wood and prevent any moisture ingress.


The main rack is a modular system featuring the top plinth made from Pecan (or other) hardwood. The plinth, as we like to call it, weighs typically in the range of 60 to 90 pounds depending on the choice of hardwood and the specific dimensions of the slab that we locate for your project. All of our hardwoods are obtained from a sustainable lumber supplier near our base here in Richmond, Virginia.

The primary supports (the two columns to the outer edge) are designed around similar principals to the effective mass-loaded Target R2 stands, popular in the UK and Europe.  

Each support stand is made from 4 hollowed hardwood 3″ x 3″ columns, each column lead-filled with approximately 25 lbs of shot. The total weight of each support stand is 120 lbs, give or take.

On the base of each stand we mount 4 AudioPoint brass cones and 3 inverted AudioPoints are mounted on the top plate supporting the main plinth. All 7 of these AudioPoints are adjustable for height.

The support columns can also be supplied as a steel construction with black anodized finish (shown). As a steel support it has the capacity to be weighted to around 400 LBS per support/stand. (We concede that might be overkill).


The center rack section is modular and is completely isolated from the main stand. It can be constructed in matching hardwood or steel with black anodized finish. The wood version is made from solid hardwood and each section has a chamber which sits under the equipment rack for mass loading with shot.

For the rack shelving we can supply Corian (shown) (similar in weight and appearance to marble but it doesn’t ring) or we can supply matching or contrasting solid hardwood shelves in any practical dimension. The racks can be single or stacked two high, so you can fit up to four large components in the center rack section, in addition to however many you care to use on top (we recommend just one or two).

AudioPoints are used on each of the three support legs and 4 adjustable AudioPoints are used between each shelf and its support.

The total mass will vary but in the configuration shown here it is around 1100 LBS.

Of course it isn’t just the weight that’s impressive, the design comes from literally thousands of hours of experimentation with support designs, materials and configurations, then many hours of 3-D CAD Design and modeling.

We can also construct matching speaker stands in the same style as the two primary supports (four hardwood columns per stand, mass loading cavities and hardwood top and bottom plates with fitted AudioPoints or isolation devices of your choice).

Pricing starts at around $3,500 delivered for the main rack system without the middle component section. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Shipping will be included in any quoted price and will be via freight to any location in the Continental US. Obviously some on-site assembly is required but we make the process easy by sending along a video of the process and clear written instructions.

Two people should be able to install the system in around a half day or less, including all leveling. We can also arrange for an outside contractor to install the complete system if you wish.

We’ll work closely with you in selecting the right top plinth in a hardwood of your choice. The hardwood slab can be a live-edge finish or it can be a flat edge board. Or we can make live-edge on the front side and flat edge on the rear. The choice is yours.

This is truly a one-of-a-kind audio rack and a piece of original fine art rolled into one.

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Clearaudio Magnum Turntable Review


We bought the Clearaudio Avantgarde Magnum from a dealer in Wisconsin and lived with it in our main room for almost two years…READ OUR REVIEW – Clearaudio Avantgarde Magnum Turntable with Benz SL Wood

Clearaudio Magnum Turntable Review


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