Capital Audiofest

Speaker Physics – Room 403

I have no clue what was intended here by the ‘Speaker Physics’ gentleman nor why he felt a presence was justified at the show. 

speaker physics

There was a communication difficulty between the gentleman and myself and I wasn’t able to ascertain with any degree of certainty what the plot was in room 403. It eluded me completely, it seemed to be missing, lost perhaps.

There were two boxes like the above, hooked to a small amplifier of sorts via lamp cord. I’m guessing that behind the foam was one, maybe two small drivers and that perhaps one of the drivers was omni-directional.

As the only guest in the room I listened, nervously, until another person entered and I was able to up and leave somewhat graciously. I picked up a leaflet on the way out but its meagre content shed no light on what I’d just experienced.

I have the utmost respect for innovation and I’m all for personal ambition, but sometimes the two collide. Usually one clobbers the other on the head with a hammer then there’s a big fight and maybe a fire and all that’s left afterwards is a wooden box with foam on it.

I went to the website to try to glean something useful but there was a ‘coming soon’ placeholder. The lights were on but no one was home.

If anyone has any useful information, please contact me.