I’ve been working out some nasty bass issues in our main listening room. On the road to implementing a solution I came across the writings of Duke Le June of Audiokinesis. Mr. Le June has introduced his ‘Swarm’ distributed bass array system to the marketplace and it’s heavily touted as the panacea of all bass ills, more on that later. I became extremely interested in the DBA principals and thought it might be a good way to tame the uneven bass response in my room, so I contacted REL Acoustics for assistance. I wanted to purchase four subwoofers from REL and all I wanted in return was some input on DBA’s and a recommendation on a suitable product (x4) from their lines. And their response…..NOTHING.

So after waiting a while a went off and wrote to SVS in a similar manner. Their response…..NOTHING.

Oh well. Perhaps my email to REL hit their spam folder so I went back in and submitted a repeat of my request for help via a form on their website. And their response this time……NOTHING!

I hate when people / businesses don’t have the common courtesy to respond to requests for information from a customer or prospect. What, are y’all just too important to hit ‘reply’ to an email?

On the flip side there are those from whom you don’t necessarily deserve a good response, but you get one anyway. I wrote to Upscale Audio a little while ago looking for a ‘deal’ on new tubes. I received a lengthy and courteous response from owner Kevin Deal. He very kindly explained the nature of his business regarding tube sales and how there’s so little margin available for discounts to industry persons. Kind. Classy. Appreciated. I’ll send him my money as soon as I’m ready to refresh the tubes in my Thor monoblocks.

Oh, I’ve resolved my immediate bass needs with the acquisition of a trio of Aerial SW-12 subs, and they’re just fine thank you very much.

Rant over.