I was out and about on Monday in rural VA when I walked past a pawn shop in downtown Franklin. In the window was an old rusty rototiller with no price tag, NHT 2.9 speakersso, having wanted one of these for a while, to sit unused alongside my rusty old lawn tractor, I donned my facemask and ventured inside.
A quick scan around, and it struck me that the contents of the shop were mostly farm-related – chainsaws, power tools, shotguns, rakes, a cement mixer, and an NHT 2.9 surround sound speaker system.


It’s easy enough to spot the older NHT’s with their angled front baffle, but I wasn’t sure if this was the 3.3 or the 2.9 sitting on the shelf alongside its four siblings.

A brisk negotiation with a mask-wearing gun-bearer, and I’m now the proud owner of new speakers. Having paid the full asking price plus tax, to avoid getting shot, I can honestly say this was a real bargain.

The four ‘surround’ speakers are NHT 1.5’s, which I understand from various forum chatter to be pretty good in a conventional 2-channel rig (with a sub).

But the star here is the 2.9.

I’ve never heard these before and never paid any attention to anything NHT, but they sound very good. They’re transparent as heck and image nicely, and the bass from the two side-firing woofers is pretty darn good.

I’m surprised and a little ashamed of myself, to be honest.

I’ve pointed an up-turned nose at many brands over the 40 years I’ve spent living in a hole in the ground as a card-carrying audiophile. Brands like Klipsch, Polk, Adcom to name a few. I’ve always just passed over these ‘lesser brands’ when scouring the classifieds looking for addiction fodder.

It can’t be anything other than snobbery, can it?

Alas, I have way too many speakers around the place so I’m looking to dump this pile on someone else 😉

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