We’re delighted to have the Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor M in-house for another retro-review of these fine speakers from the Italian speaker builder. The sonus faber cremona M speakers for salestunning aesthetic along with immaculate fit and finish of these little gems make them a delight to behold visually, in any listening room.

But how do they sound? 

Well, I don’t want to jump the gun since our evaluation period isn’t complete, but I can say that they’re remarkable full-range for such a small box, with bass extending down with useful output in the 35-45hz range – meaning you can run these in a smaller room without the need for a subwoofer. (though a well-integrated pair of subs will generally always enhance the sound of a smaller speaker).

Also noteworthy is the sheer scale of the soundstage these speakers produce. They give the impression of a much larger cabinet at work with multiple drivers, yet they do the great disappearing job that we’ve come to expect from quality stand-mounted speakers.

Yes, they are on the warm side of neutral, in that glorious ‘lit from within’ way that Sonus Faber speakers generally are. Yet they don’t become overly syrupy or slow and bloated when on the end of a full vacuum tube system. Our Audio Research Reference 110SE with its KT150 output tubes has these little speakers squealing with delight, as do the lower-powered Thor Audio TPA-60 monoblocks.

Detail retrieval is very good, not excellent, but at this price point, it’s as good as one ought to expect. But the real stand-out performance metric is the scale that these babies manage to achieve. Wall-to wall sound, and nothing much giving away the fact that it’s coming from such a small transducer.

Stay tuned for more!