The next project on the bench is the VPI TNT MK I with Eminent Technology ET2 Air Tangent Tonearm. I picked this up a couple of weeks back as a project table, something to strip down, clean up, replace any worn parts and get it back to something like its former glory. I’ve also some prior with the Eminent Technology ET2 air tonearm, and enjoyed my time with it a decade or so ago on a HW-19.

As it turns out, the TNT/ET2 were a little on the grubby side, had a couple of minor functional issues, but are in otherwise really nice condition! The TNT deck itself is actually in beautiful condition. I ordered up a new pair of belts, but everything looks and works perfectly, including the 2-speed motor controller.

The main problems include a damaged phono cable block and a damaged headshell cable. Here’s the cable, I’m not sure how this could’ve happened since the damaged area is tucked inside the armwand, but damaged it was:

Damaged headshell cable in ET2 tonearm



Before clean-up and assembly:




Working on the ET2 air tangent tonearm –


Here she is:

(ignore the washer on the platter/spindle, it doesn’t belong there!)

VPI TNT MK-I Turntable with ET2 review



VPI TNT MK-I Turntable with ET2 review



VPI TNT MK-I Turntable with ET2 review



VPI TNT MK-I Turntable with ET2 review



VPI TNT MK-I Turntable with ET2 review



air-pump-system for ET2 tonearm


Oh well, the parts arrived months ago and I’ve finally gotten around to getting everything in place and working properly. My issue with this is its physical footprint – it’s too large to go in the main system as I already have the Basis Audio Debut vacuum platter in there, and it’s pretty big too!

I thought about using this in the second system, with the Allnic phonostage and whatever other gear I happen to have at the time, but the floor in that room is too springy for a turntable!

So if anyone is interested in buying the TNT with the ET2 arm, and all accessories, drop me a line at