Capital Audiofest 2022 show reports

Robyatt Room at Capital Audiofest 2022 featured the Robyatt Custom turntable ($18,500) which is based on a VPI HW-40 Direct Drive platform, with a Wyatt slate/Baltic ply plinthwith, a Thai-Scandinavian Engineering Bird of Prey Tonearm ($10,500) and The Bird Tonearm ($8500) using a Miyajima Labs Destiny Stereo Phono cartridge ($7600) and Miyajima Labs Infinity Mono Phono cartridge ($3475)

Miyajima Wo-1 Preamplifier ($21,500) and Miyajima MC-2 ($7950) Head Amplifier.

Miyajima OTL MODEL 2020 power amplifier ($17,000)

Miyajima Labs Prominent open baffle speakers use Jensen A-12 field coil drivers, ($25,500/pair). The cabinets are made of beautiful Japanese red pine.

This was another excellent sounding system, Robin Wyatt had everything set up nicely and working well with the room. The sound was musically engaging, dynamic, and open/spacious, with great resolution of detail. Aesthetically the turntable, with it’s slate/Baltic ply plinth, looks quite stunning and sounded excellent. 

You can find more information at Robin’s website here.