Ember Audio +Design: Premier Audio and Furniture Specialists

EMBER Audio + Design is a brick and mortar retail store located in Winston-Salem, NC.
They specialize in modern furniture with high performance audio and video for residential and commercial spaces.
I visited the store mid August 2023 and was extremely impressed with the range of gear on display, along with the nice greeting from the warm and very knowledgable staff.
Business owner Chris was very gracious and generous with his time. Without an appointment I was treated to time with two setups, both featuring Wilson Audio speakers (Sasha DAW and Sabrina X) and both sounding fantastic in very different ways.

Chris is very knowledgable and gave me an overview of the methodology behind speaker positioning using Wilson’s ‘WASP’ system for optimal placement in the room. Clearly this works, as both of the systems I listened to sounded excellent.
I was also pleasantly surprised to see that Ember Audio are dealers for a couple of my favorite brands, Dr. Feickert Analog and Moon by SimAudio. I’ve owned several pieces from both of these manufacturers over the years and it’s good to know there’s a local business here on my doorstep to help with any future purchases.
I would’ve liked to have spent more time here, both to explore more on the audio equipment side and also the very eclectic furniture that graces the display areas around the store.
Check this place out. It’s well worth a drive into Winston-Salem, which, as it happens, is also a pretty cool town.