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“Welcome to my world, where I acquire mostly used audiophile quality gear, review it, then either keep it for use in one of my own systems, or release it back into the wild via the classifieds section of this website, or on sites like Audiogon, etc. (Or just store it in one of several closets).

Occasionally a dealer or manufacturer will offer up something new for me to review, and I’m generally always willing to oblige – but no favoritism is implied or offered. I don’t get paid by advertisers, in fact, I don’t get paid by anyone, so I call it as I hear it.

Reviewing is a lonely life, occasionally my day is brightened when someone offers to write a guest post/review. So you will find other names in the reviewing archives, some dating back 15+ years to a time when I was an active member of ‘NEWAS’, a little audio club that was formed by and for nutters living in the frozen tundras of NE Wisconsin. [If you’d like to write a guest review]“.

I’m not an audio equipment dealer, though if you saw my living space you might think otherwise… Most of what I buy I find locally on places like Craigslist, so I’m always on the lookout for a bargain, something that I won’t lose my shirt on when I have to move it along. If you have something you’d like to sell, then hit me up. 

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