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“I’ve had a lot of equipment pass through my hands and a great deal of experience putting together good sounding audio systems on a relatively modest budget. It started in the late 70’s early 80’s with a Technics system and Goodmans speakers!

Things evolved quickly from there (thankfully) where I moved from an Arcam-based separates system with Monitor Audio speakers, to a new Linn LP12, Epos ES14’s, and Linn LK1/LK2. Later came the early 16 bit Cambridge CD2, then a detour into valves/tubes with a vintage Leak Stereo 20 driving either a pair of Quad ELS 57’s or Sonus Faber Electa.

Relocation from the UK to the USA in 1987 opened me up to a whole new source of high-end gear. The first purchase for my new apartment in Green Bay WI was a pair of used Apogee Caliper Signature II’s and a Krell KAV300i – they arrived before a couch, bed, or any other furniture! Since then it’s been a blast through countless system builds and rebuilds and even several “I’m getting out of this hobby for good” periods where my wallet lay dormant.

Anyway, welcome to our website, we hope to share some of our experiences with you and hope to hear about some of your experiences in the audio world too”.

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