Ex Review Gear For Sale

Most items I bring in for review are either loaners, which are returned to the dealer/manufacturer following the review, or they’re purchased used from local dealers or online. If I find that an item elevates the performance of our review system then, financial constraints permitting, I’ll endeavor to keep it here for the long term. Otherwise, I simply recycle the reviewed items back into the used marketplaces through our website or the usual cast of audio trading websites. Items are usually recycled long before a review is published, that’s how far behind I am with my various writing projects. The point is, I don’t write a review to influence a sale, as the latter generally happens before the former. When pricing ex-review gear for resale, I hope to at least break even less the cost of inbound shipping. Sometimes I’m lucky, mostly, not so.

When you buy from me you know you’ll receive an item that has been fully tested, repaired if necessary (rare) and you’ll have my preliminary notes on how the item sounded in my system. I will also do my best to provide you with all the advice that I possibly can about a product and how it might work out in your system, or setup/positioning advice, etc.

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