Iconoclast Cables OFE 4X1 RCA Interconnects

Reviewing cables isn’t the most exciting job on the planet, my review of the Iconoclast RCA Interconnects will prove that it’s not so exciting for the reader, either.

Synthesis Action A100 Titan Integrated Amplifier

Synthesis Action A100 Titan Integrated Amplifier review – KT66 push-pull tube amp with that classic tube sound…

Klipschorns vs Altec Lansing Valencia vs Altec Lansing A7

Oris 150 custom horns to Klipschorns, this article pitches the Klipschorns vs Altec Lansing Valencia vs Altec Lansing VOTT A7 and provides a review of each.

Iconoclast Speaker Cable Review

Stuff comes and goes at an alarming rate in my system and I’ve chopped and changed core components many times since the Iconoclast Cables have been in use….

Quad ESL 57 Speaker Review [Retro]

Quad ESL57 speaker review looks at the feasibility of living with Quad 57s and using them as daily drivers, plus, how good is that Quad midrange? Let’s find out here….

Dr. Feickert Woodpecker / Kuzma Stogi S 12VTA Review

Review of the Dr. Feickert Woodpecker with Kuzma arm and a Benz Micro LP-S Cartridge….this review turned out badly, find out why….

Synergistic Research Power Filter and Tweak Demo – 2022 Florida Audio Expo

Guest Post by Jeff provides a show report from Florida Expo 2022 of a demonstration conducted by Synergistic Research owner highlighting their upscale power-line filter, grounding device, and ‘magic dots’…

Small Green Computer SonicTransporter i5 and Sonore UltraDigital Update

A follow-up review of the Sonic Transporter i5…how has it performed in my system? A keeper, or not?…

Piega C40 Speaker Review [Retro]

If you’re new to this website you may wonder why I’m writing about a speaker whose production was terminated before the internet became popular. Yes, the Piega C40 is that old, but is it still relevant in 2022?….

Spatial Audio X3 Speaker Review

These are Spatial Audio’s top-of-the-line speakers and cost a whopping $9,000. All Spatial’s current models appear to hold their value pretty well on the used markets, so it was a big outlay and an even bigger gamble –

Denafrips Terminator DAC Review with GAIA DDC

Initially, the Denafrips Terminator DAC was slotted into my system as a straight replacement for my Sim Audio Moon 380D, using the same Aurender N100H and Cambridge Audio Azure 851c sources.

For the first week or so I listened mostly to the Denafrips Terminator DAC using my Cambridge Audio Azure 851C as a transport, connected to the DAC via a Synergistic Research Digital Corridor No. 2 RCA Digital Coaxial/SPDIF, and later via AES/EBU….

Dunlavy SC-III Speakers [Retro Review]

This isn’t really a review of the Dunlavy SC-III, per se, it’s more of a shout-out to prospective future owners of this remarkable speaker. I bought my pair of Dunlavy SC-IIIs coming up on 3 years ago, after reading a good deal of positive information on the Dunlavy range, but never having heard them in the flesh.

Allnic Audio A-6000 300b SET Monoblock Review

At the time of production, the A-6000 monoblocks were Allnic Audio’s top-of-the-line power amplifier model. The A-6000 has been superseded in the range by the A-10000 DHT Monoblocks, which will set you back a cool $89,000….

Art Audio Carissa Signature Review

The Carissa delivers 16w/channel from a pair of 845 tubes, and they are 16 glorious watts the like of which I haven’t heard in my system since playing with some old Jadis gear many moons ago. That’s not to say the Carissa sounded anything like the Jadis JA30

miniDSP Bass Array – Swarm Subwoofer setup

A few months back I began dabbling with setting up what some refer to as a ‘subwoofer swarm’, or more commonly, a distributed bass array (DBA). The setup was done using a pair of Aerial Acoustics SW-12 upfront….

Klipsch Klipschorn Speaker Review

The K-horns are designed to fit tightly into the corners of the long wall, where the adjoining sidewalls become an extension of the bass horn itself. Thusly placed in the corners of a 16′ wall, the speakers cross at a point around 4 feet in front of the listening position, which is 16′ from the….

Music Server Project – SonicTransporter i5, ultraRendu, ultraDigital, iFi Zen Streamer

About a week ago I took delivery of a package from Small Green Computer containing a sonicTransporter i5, and a digitalRendu with the upgraded linear power supply option. The ultraRendu required to complete the install was….

Emotive Audio Epifania Preamp Review

If you learn more about the Epifania, the design considerations and the evolution from its stablemate the Sira, via the Sira-LE, you’ll come to know that Epifania designer Fred Voltz genuinely felt that there wasn’t a great deal of opportunity available to improve upon the performance of the Sira-LE. At least not without….