The Space Center - (2006 - 2009)

The first serious location for Audio Resurgence was ‘The Space Center’ in De Pere, WI. A huge 4800 s.f building with the main listening room situated in a large space, 48′ wide X 28′ deep X 28′ high. Cathedral ceilings and lots of glass earned this room the nickname of ‘The Space Center’.

Four different listening rooms were setup at this location, with lots of gear coming in and out on a regular basis! The Space Center was used frequently for meetings of the NEWAS – North Eastern Wisconsin Audio Society, and lots of good times were had.

Notable events at The Space Center included a January visit by Robert and Steve from Ridge Street Audio Designs who brought along their Sason Speaker for a 2-day club meeting.

Equipment Highlights (gear that came and went) included:

  • Cary Audio V12R Monoblocks
  • Krell MDA300
  • Krell FPB 200
  • SimAudio Moon W10 Monoblocks
  • VPI HW17 with Air Tangent Arm
  • Magnepan 3.6R Loudspeakers
  • Apogee Caliper Sig II
  • Carver ZR1600 – 2 amps, one heavily modified
  • QLN Signature Splitfield speakers
  • McIntosh MC252
  • Musical Fidelity Dac
  • Audio Alchemy setup with DDS Pro Transport, DTi 32
  • And many more….

The Great Horns of Atlantium - (2009-2012)

A custom built space located in the basement of the historic Green Lake Bank (Circa 1901). This was a good listening room and served us well for a couple years. It didn’t have quite the appeal and versatility as the old ‘Space Center’ but good times were had.

The name came from Audio Doc who christened the speaker system ‘The Great Horns of Atlantium’ (a story for another time maybe!)

Notable gear that spent time here:

  • Custom KLM Horn system with subwoofers
  • Lyngdorf TDi2200
  • Cary 2A3 monos
  • Navison Audio pre/power
  • Jadis JA200 – 4 chassis monoblocks
  • Apogee Caliper Signature II speakers
  • Audio Aero Capitole MKII CD player
  • SimAudio W10’s
  • Conrad Johnson Premier 17LS
  • Aesthetix Calypso Preamp
  • Tact Audio S2150
  • and more!

The Doublewide - (2012 - 2015)

Nestled in the woods of Egg Harbor WI on a 16 acre spread, ‘The Doublewide’ was the least favored of the various homes for Audio Resurgence (another long story).

Gear of note –

  • Carver Amazing Platinum Speakers
  • Odyssey Audio Stratos Extreme
  • SST Ampzilla 2000 Monoblock amps
  • SST Ambrosia Preamp
  • Supratek Chardonnay Preamp
  • Clearaudio Avantgarde Magnum Turntable
  • Conrad Johnson CA200 control amplifier
  • and more!

Sturgeon Bay - (2015 - 2017)

Located close to Downtown Sturgeon Bay, and close to the shores of Lake Michigan – home to AR for a short spell only. Three systems were setup at this location with the primary system in a large acoustically treated basement room. I need to find more photos from this location, but some of the gear we brought in included:

  • Talon Khite Speakers
  • Carver Amazing Originals
  • Krell FPB700 CX
  • Krell HR Preamp
  • VPI TNT Turntable
  • Cambridge Audio Azure 851 CD
  • McCormack Universal Player
  • Merlin VSM MXe With Super BAM
  • Aerial Acoustic SW12 Subwoofer
  • Dayton Audio Subs (Pair)
  • HSU VTF-2 and HSU VTF-3 Subwoofers

Virginia - (2018 - Present)

Our new location in Virginia USA is an early 1900’s farmhouse with 3200 s.f of space set on 60 acres of beautiful Virginia countryside.