Dunlavy Audio SC-III Loudspeakers [SOLD PENDING PICKUP]


Stunning pair of Dunlavy SC-III (SC-3) in black oak finish. Custom manufactured bases included.

Local pickup from 23920 VA or will deliver to NC, VA, D.C for small fee.

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For your consideration is a beautiful pair of Dunlavy SC-3 speakers with custom manufactured stands.

These are one of John Dunlavy’s masterpiece phase and time coherent designs which sound phenomenal. All of Dunlavy’s speakers basically sound the same with the exception of the bottom end. As you step up through the line to the bigger speakers the bass becomes deeper and more authoritative. Many argue that the SC-III’s are the sweetspot in the Dunlavy line, they look wonderful, don’t overwhelm the listening space, have good WAF appeal and make ample bass for most people when properly setup.

These have been in our reference system for quite a while and I never really thought seriously about selling them. They’re so neutral and so revealing that they make the perfect reviewing speaker or speaker for a recording/mastering room which is where many of the Dunlavy’s found themselves.

There’s plenty of info around the web on these speakers so I’m not going to get deep into specs here, but they’re basically a 5 driver speaker with a center mounted tweeter and a mid and bass driver top and bottom of the tweeter. They are bi-amp or bi-wire compatible, with two sets of binding posts which accept bananas or spades.

The custom bases made a great difference to the sound of these speakers, and the design is unique to this pair. After the bases were installed the soundstage opened up in all directions, the image became more stable and palpable and air around elements in the soundscape increased.

The bases include four adjustable AudioPoints between the top of the wooden base and underside of the speaker and four adjustable brass cones between the underside of the base and the floor. You can easily set vertical alignment of the speaker, which is important for imaging.

Condition is very good all-round with only minor blemished commensurate with age. Two of the pegs for attaching the grill covers are snapped, as shown in photos. The grills still attach just fine and these pegs can be replaced if required. The Dunlavy badge is still firmly attached to both grills, but I lost one of the name/spec badges which were glued to the rear of both speakers. The felt pads are all attached and in great shape and the drivers all function perfectly and look excellent. You’ll see where I’ve tried to capture some minor blemishes in the photos, which look worse via camera than in the flesh. You really do have to look closely to see any signs of wear on these, and from the listening seat they present like new.

Come pick these up and you’ll never want for a pair of speakers again! If you’re a bass freak, integrating a subwoofer or a pair of stereo subs is easy enough and is a better solution than going up the Dunlavy line to a bigger/heavier model.