A remarkable preamplifier. The best I’ve heard in my system. And, it’s a work of art in its tiger maple livery.

Recently retubed, including a 274B from Brent Jesse. This is the WWII version of the military RCA 5R4GY brown base dual bottom getter.  They are superb rectifier tubes. New 0A3 and 0B3 voltage regulators, there is no matching involved with them.  New 12B4A tubes. All set up and ready for years of enjoyment.

Note – The preamp was upgraded to include a lower gain input with its own separate volume control knob. So if you have a source with a higher than normal gain this unit can handle it.

Operation is perfect and the condition is very good. Some minor imperfections on the wooden plinth which were probably there from the factory.

If you’re looking for typical tube coloration, this isn’t the preamp for you. It’s dead neutral, revealing, transparent, and provides an absolute representation of everything you feed into it. It isn’t clinical, yet it doesn’t bloom in the way of a classic CJ, for example. I ran this alongside a CJ ET5 and the CJ sounds dark, veiled, and slow in comparison to the Epifania. The Epifania lets the music breathe where the CJ chokes it.

Up against a $29,000 modified Allnic Audio L-5000 DHT, the Epifania is even more neutral and even more dynamic. I didn’t think it was possible to surpass the performance of the Allnic in areas of transparency and dynamics, but I was wrong. I thought the Allnic was dead neutral until I heard the Emotive Audio Epifania.

Why am I selling? As you can see, my hobby here is reviewing gear and thus I need a regular stream of new components to review. I don’t take advertising revenue and I don’t request payment for reviews and I mostly refuse review samples that are offered. I prefer to purchase used gear with the modus operandi of nudging the performance of my review rig forwards, incrementally. I’m not sure where I will go next following the sale of the Epifania, it could be that nothing I can afford will ever build on its performance.


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