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There seem to be many polarized opinions of the Klipschorn speakers, in fact, Klipsch speakers, in general, seem to attract a lot of conflicting opinions. Let’s start with some basic facts about this remarkable pair of Khorns:

  • The condition is excellent. Very minor surface blemishes which you can see (barely) in the photos. They look spectacular and from a couple of feet away look like the day they were born. No rips, snags, dents in the grills/covers. Original crossovers, AK 3.
  • They’re big, however, they take up surprisingly little space in the room due to their corner placement requirements.
  • I won’t ship these. If you want to buy them you’ll need a pickup truck or van and a helper to move them. I have a bad shoulder and can’t lift. Getting them out from the house is very easy, with no stairs involved.
  • You’re welcome to come along for a demo. I don’t know what amps I’ll have on hand, but at the time of writing, I have an Art Audio Carissa Signature and an Aric Audio Special KT88/120 SE which can be used for a demo.
  • I purchased these from the original owner who told me he bought them new in 1993. I cannot confirm this one way or another.

How do the Klipschorns sound?

I have the Khorns set up in a room that is probably a little too small for them. The room is roughly 16′ x 17′ x 8.5′ and, of course, the speakers are in the corners. Regardless of the room constraints, the Klipschorns sound quite spectacular. Adjectives that come to mind include dynamic, effortless, and powerful. They throw a remarkably accurate soundstage with a good sense of scale and accurate image placement. They do not throw laser-focused images in the way that a small monitor speaker does, but the images they do present are more believable, more life-like, and more accurate than those portrayed via a smaller dynamic speaker. Soundstage depth is a function of room geometry and associated equipment. They have less front-to-back stage depth than some of the more conventional dynamic speakers I’ve used, hence there isn’t the same degree of soundstage layering. This may be a function of the room geometry or a design constraint of this specific speaker, I don’t have the experience with Klipschorns to say one way or another.

In a nutshell, the Klipschorns are one of the most impressive speaker systems I’ve heard, and this pair are crying out for a better home than I can give them.

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