Beautiful pair of Sonus Faber Cremona M in graphite, offered here for local pickup in VA 23920 (or meet up within reasonable driving distance).

The story behind these is that I bought a pair of the Cremona Auditor M about a year ago, and didn’t really take to them. I let them go rather quickly, perhaps too quickly, without really trying them with the usual array of amps and ancillary equipment. When the floorstanding Cremona M appeared locally, I figured I’d give them a shot. So here they are, and they sound very, very good indeed. These are absolutely not your typical warm and smooth-sounding Sonus Fabers, they’re actually quite neutral, detailed, extended, and they do all of the usual audiophile tricks very well indeed. Check out my brief review of the Sonus Faber Cremona M here.

So why sell them? Here’s the thing…I have a pair of Piega C40 up for sale, which, until the Sonus Fabers came along, were my daily drivers. They’ve been up for sale for a while now because I fancied trying another set of horns. (you know how it is….being an audiophile….uughhh).

Anyway, the Piega and the Sonus Faber are actually quite close in performance, despite the Piega being almost 4 times the MSRP of the Cremona M. I say ‘quite close’, the Cremona are probably within 5-10% of the Piega, and let’s face it, that last 5% is what we fools pay the big money for, right? So basically, my plan at this point is to sell both pairs then use the money to roll into a pair of horns. Perhaps a pair of Volti Audio, or something along those lines.

The Cremona are in beautiful condition. There’s the tiniest of marks on the top of one speaker that I’ve tried and failed to capture. The string grills are in nice condition too. I’ve the manual and original paperwork but the previous and only prior owner discarded the boxes. Spikes/stands and floor protectors are all present and accounted for too.

So a chance to own a pair of these wonderful speakers, in ace condition, for less than half of the MSRP.