Thor Audio TA-1000 MK II Tube Preamp [SOLD]

Classic preamp from Thor Audio. This TA-1000 MK II is a late serial number and comes with a nice metal remote control.

Great condition, includes power supply remote and internal Thor packaging, but not the outer carton.

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This is a near perfect example of the venerable Thor Audio TA-1000 MK II Tube Preamp. I would rate this a conservative 7/10 based on age and the few small blemished in the black anodized finish. They’re absolutely not scratches and they’re barely noticeable even up close.

This preamp performs flawlessly and the remote works exactly as it should.

Our understanding is that Thor TA-1000 preamps are all MK II versions above serial number 1000, even though they’re not all marked as such. This unit plays wonderfully and can hold its own against the very best modern preamps. It has a fairly neutral sound with just a hint of tube warmth and is incredibly detailed and dynamic but never cold or etched. It excels in its ability to render a 3 dimensional soundstage expanding out and beyond the speakers, with instruments and vocalists placed clearly and well delineated within the soundscape. It’s a very impressive illusion of tight and layered imaging that only the best can produce in a way that completely suspends disbelief.

We have a Conrad Johnson CT-5 preamp on site which retailed for $7500 and can’t recreate imaging as convincingly as the Thor TA-1000 preamp.

You’ll be delighted with this purchase and it will serve you well for years to come. Thor’s do not appear to use proprietary parts and are mostly hard-wired by hand, so any competent tech should be able to service the unit should it ever need it.

We also have a matching set of Thor TPA-60 monoblocks coming through the system, call for details. 920 229 1576