For sale here is my Veloce Audio Platino Series LS-1 battery powered linestage, fully upgraded to Lithio status, along with matching Veloce Audio Saetta Lithio mono hybrid amplifiers.

Do your research on Veloce Audio – there isn’t a ton of information around, but what there is is extremely positive. The LS-1 linestage and the Saetta Hybrid mono amps are battery-powered, both using the fairly neutral sounding 6H30 tube.

With a combined $36,000 MSRP, these amps are up there with some of the heavy-hitting amps like Pass, Moon, etc, designed and manufactured in PA USA and still supported by the original designer/builder/company owner.

Veloce Audio Platino Series LS-1 (Lithio upgraded).

I replaced the 4 6H30 tubes in the preamp around 100 hours ago with Sovtek 6H30Pi – ARC Select from Upscale Audio, at a cost of $250, but they’re available for much less if you shop around. Not that you’ll need to buy replacements anytime soon, the tubes should last 10,000 hours or more.

The preamp comes with a heavy-duty aluminum remote, shown in the photos.

The LS-1 has 5 single-ended inputs and 1 balanced input. Single-ended and balanced outs, volume, input selector and balance control on the remote.

The pre is in great condition, I’ve looked over it and can’t see any obvious marks, but I’ve conservatively rated an 8/10. The remote is in good condition, you can see it has been used.

Veloce Audio Saetta Lithio mono amplifiers –

Fantastic condition, I can’t see any marks on these but the previous owner thought there were some very minor swirl/surface marks on the top covers, impossible to photograph and I can’t even see them even when I get up close!

These are Hybrid mono amps and use Lithio pure DC power supplies inside of each amplifier. The SmartSupply for charging is included with the amps with 2 long umbilical cords.

The Saetta uses a Class A tube driver stage with 2x 6H30 tubes and Hypex class D output.

Amplifier Inputs: 1 Balanced XLR Connection. There are toggles so you can switch phase and lift the ground – handy if you have any hum issues.

Loudspeaker Connection: 1 Pair German-Made WBT Binding Posts
(Accepts Spades / Pins / Bare Wire)

Tube Compliment: 2 x 6H30 tubes

Power Rating:
320 Watts / 8 Ohms
400 Watts / 4 Ohms

Gain:24 dB
Efficiency:92% at full power
Input Impedance:100 kohm
THD + N: <0.03%
Frequency Response: +0 / -2dB from 5 Hz to 45 kHz
Residual Noise: < -90 dB
Power Input:110/117
Charger Stage Output: 42 Volts/ 4.5 Amps
Lithium Hybrid Clean Power Supply:+ / – 40 Volts
Finish: Aluminum – Black Anodized & Chrome
Weight: 32 lbs each / 75 lbs Complete System
Dimensions: 4.5″ H x 14″ W x 18″ D each

If you search around you’ll see a set of the Saetta Monoblocks for sale on SkyFi audio without the preamp, for close to what I’m asking for the full package here, with the LS-1 preamp. I believe mine are the next serial number up from the ones on SkyFi and in every bit as good condition.

I’ve used these amps on a couple of different speakers and they sound great no matter what. I ran them briefly on high-efficiency Altec VOTT A7 and they’re dead quiet, with absolutely no audible hiss through the speakers even with the A7s 105dB sensitivity (or thereabouts).

Driving my fairly power-hungry Piega C40 (also for sale), they’re a perfect match. The combination of Saetta monoblocks and LS-1 preamp is pretty special in my experience. You’ll know right away that these are battery-powered, as everything emerges from a silent black background which really helps capture micro details and transients. But the sound is also full-bodied with that hint of tube warmth from the 6H30 tubes.
There’s absolutely no indication that the amps use a Hypex Class D module, they’re rich and musical and the highs are super-sweet. My Piegas run AMT ribbon tweeters so you can hear any harshness immediately, and these amps sound as sweet as a pea. They throw a big soundstage and image great. I was always impressed with the soundstaging capability of my previous amps, the Allnic Audio A6000 300B monoblocks, but the Saetta do an even more impressive job, albeit marginally.

Amps and preamp are in great condition, conservatively rated 8/10 using the Audiogon scale.

No PayPal on these – cash on pickup, or Venmo/Zelle/Wire. You can use PP F&F if you want, but I hate PayPal with a passion and would rather not work through them at all. I stand by all my transactions and guarantee that these work beautifully and as intended.

I have the original heavy-duty carton for the preamp but not for the monoblocks but they’ll be packed exceptionally well and fully insured.

Price excludes shipping. I will only ship to the CONUS. There will be 3 heavy boxes, a shipping cost will be shown here before you complete checkout.

Additional information

Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 12 in