Audio Resurgence – Our Ever Evolving Review System(s)!

Source Components:


  • Origin Live Resolution Turntable, factory supplied with multi-layer platter option, balanced transformer.
  • Origin Live Illustrious tonearm with External Silver Hybrid Cable option.
  • ZYX Ultimate 100/Z LOMC cartridge
  • Sound-Smith Sussurro MKII


  • Aurender N100H 2-TB
  • Cambridge Audio Azure 851C – CD Player/Transport/Dac
  • SimAudio Moon 380D DAC


  • Allnic L-5000 DHT Preamp
  • Thor Audio TA1000 MKII
  • Conrad Johnson CT-5
  • Zesto Audio Andros 1.2 Phono Preamp

Power Amps

  • Edge NL10.2
  • Thor Audio TPA 60 Tube Monoblocks


  • Dunlavy SC-III
  • Aerial Acoustics 7b
  • Michael Green Classic 60


  • Aerial Acosutics SW-12 (3)
  • HSU VT-3
  • HSU VT-2


  • Various cables including Harmonic Technology ProSilway, ESP Reference Power Cords, Tara Labs speaker cables and IC’s, Analysis Audio IC’s, Silnote Audio PC’s, Bogdan Audio IC’s, Synergistic Research Digital Corridor No. 2 RCA Digital Coaxial Cable, Zu Audio IBIS…and more.

Accessories / Stands / Platforms

  • Live Edge Custom rack
  • Live Edge Custom turntable rack
  • Symposium Acoustics Super Plus Platforms
  • Audiopoint Brass Cones (many)
  • Solid Tech’s Disc of Silence
  • A vast assortment of other ‘stuff’.

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