We Buy Used Audio Equipment Of Audiophile Quality

I’ve been running this review website for a number of years now and it’s basically fueled by my desire to seek out and play with different audiophile gear. Unfortunately, the equipment doesn’t just drop into my hands, I have to go out and buy it before I get to mess with it. Since this website is free to use and free from manufacturer advertising and influence, the process of bringing in new/used equipment can get expensive. Particularly so when shipping is involved.

Obviously, there are a couple of reliable online marketplaces for the purchase and resale of audio equipment, including Audiogon, US Audiomart, and eBay, but I generally prefer to buy locally and deal directly with the seller. That doesn’t mean I don’t or won’t pay for shipping, it’s just that there’s an obvious cost and risk involved with using UPS/FedEx etc, so where possible I like to deal within a few hundred miles or so of Virginia 23920.

So if you have something you want to sell, and you’re realistic about pricing, I may be interested, so contact me.

I’m always interested in speakers, amps, tube gear, turntables, DACs, CD players etc, and occasionally I’ll review cables, though that’s pretty boring and not really my first choice. When I buy/review a component, it’s generally always with the thought that it might be something that advances the capability of my own systems. So I’m not really interested in buying/reviewing midfi gear, and certainly none of the old/vintage stuff from Asian manufacturers, like old Japanese receivers and the like. Anyway, if you want to send me a description of what you have, please do so and remember to include photos, price, and a description of the item including any known functional/cosmetic issues. I’ll let you know my interest level either way and If it’s something I want to mess with we can work something out.